Thrive Commercial Insurance, Inc. is now offering single-load cargo insurance policies. 


Do you need commercial trucking insurance coverage but do not need a full-blown standard cargo policy? Maybe you need specialty coverage for a one-off single-load situation. If this sounds like you, Thrive Commercial Insurance is here for you and the special needs of your business.  Single Load insurance is ideal for brokers and shippers as well. When you have work with a trusted carrier that does not have the coverage they need to carry a load you have, this solution can fill that gap. We can even integrate with a load board. We will make the process quick and simple. Give us a call to find out more!

Stay competitive in the industry with dependable, per-load coverage—even for hard-to-place risks, like:

Alcoholic beverages


Designer apparel


Heavy machinery

Meat and meat products

Passenger cars and trucks



Hazmat, except for nuclear

And much more

Minimal Cargo Commodities Exclusions

Here is the short list of items that we do not cover:

Cash & Financial Instruments

Documents, negotiable documents or instruments, monies of every description, securities, bonds, bullion, stamps, credit and debit cards, including telephone calling cards.

Bulk Shipments

Bulk shipments including products of any type, which are transported in cargo holds or tanker vessels—goods, such as coal, grains, oil, or chemicals that are not packaged in any type of container and are transported in large quantities.  

Live Animals or Plants

Living creatures and life forms of any type, other than livestock and flowers which are not excluded.

Luxury Goods

Furs, precious stones, jewelry, high-value watches, perfumes, antiques and art, tobacco, and tobacco products.

Temperature Controlled Products

Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals (other than FDA-approved ‘over-the-counter’ pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals), and narcotic-based substances, including but not limited to Marijuana, CBD, and THC.

Tech Goods

Digital cameras, microchips, motherboards and/or memory of any kind which is not part of a complete system, mobile telephones, mobile telephones components, parts and accessories, and digital camera photo sticks.


Satellites, nuclear fuel, explosives, firearms, and ammunition.

Learn more today about how Thrive can help your company succeed with a single shipment insurance policy by talking to one of our trucking insurance experts! (913) 747-4771